Autumn Lawn Feed

Autumn Lawn Feed

Autumn Lawn Feed helps with grass root growth and helps protect from winter disease. 

Lawn Fertiliser Analysis: 3-0-22 (N-P-K) + 4MgO + 3Fe + 6CaO

This is a granular product and so easy to spread by hand or a spreader. This fertiliser is good for all soil types and no watering is required if there is plenty of soil moisture.  It easily dissolves into the lawn to reduce mower pick up. 

Low Nitrogen (N) percentage is good for root growth. Potassium (K) 'hardens' the grass leaves to reduce damage by winter diseases.  Magnesium (MgO) helps protect the grass from diseases.  Iron (Fe) gives the grass a deep green colour and  helps harden it against disease, it also discourages moss growth.  Seaweed (CaO) is a good soil conditioner, this will improve the soil around the root zone and increase plant health.

  • Application rate: 50g/m2
  • Apply between August and November
  • An ideal partner with any SPRING & SUMMER Lawn Food
  • Lawn may be used immediately after application

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