The Wildflowers Collection

We have a selection of 100% wildflower blends and wildflower & grasses mixes.  Many of our mixes are listed as RHS Perfect For Pollinators.  The mixes have a high percentage of flowers that attract bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects.  

The Annuals Mix and Annuals & Perennials Mix are great for wedding favours as all the species will grow quite happily in a pot.  So for something different why not put a small amount of seed in pouches and let your guests plant their seeds and watch them grow for themselves.

Our wildflower & grasses mixes offer a splash of colour with low maintenance grasses.  These areas are easy to maintain as they only need cut back once a year.

Explore our 2 wildflower collections here:

If you are looking for advice on sowing and maintaining wildflower areas please click on the link below: