The Horse and Pony Collection

No Seed Company has Grazed as much livestock as We Have! 

We are always trying to source the best available grasses. Currently for our agricultural mixtures we are favouring the work the has been done with the Aber varieties, but as we are independent we all use excellent grasses from all the major seed houses of Europe and the world. 

As farmers, with a passion for livestock, we understand the importance of good grazing. We have generations of knowledge in mixing grass seeds for excellent grazing and forage.

The Muirhead family have been Landrace farmers for four generation, as growers of Scot's Timothy seed the only commercially available Landrace variety in the UK. Our knowledge on the species and its usage is well renowned. Timothy is the King of Grasses, it will keep growing and producing a quality crop regardless of what the weather throws at it and particularly likes wet heavy soil.

  • Having always had livestock, and supplied hay all over the UK.
  • We have the knowledge to provide you with the best mix for your animals.
  • Our equine mixtures have been designed specifically to handle horses and ponies and the damage they can do to a field.
  • The following mixes have been our best sellers on the internet over the past 15 years .
  • Please call Alan or Alison on 01259 760400 or email to discuss your forage needs.