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Pony Paddock

Pony Paddock
  • Provides nutritional grazing throughout the season and could be used for soft hay production.
  • Timothy because if ponies had a choice they would choose Timothy.
  • Low sugar Perennial Ryegrass.
  • Meadow Fescue and Creeping Red Fescue mixed together help resist poaching, as they tend to creep across the ground.


Grass Seed Mixture
3kgs Premium Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass (low sugar)
5kgs Foxtrot Late Perennial Ryegrass (low sugar)
1kg Presto Timothy
2kgs Scots Timothy
1kg Rossa Meadow Fescue
2kgs Corail Creeping Red Fescue


Sowing rate 14kgs per acre

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