Agricultural Brassica Crops - General Information

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Forage crops can provide a cheaper option for winter feeding.  Outwintering sheep or cattle on a field of kale or stubble turnips can relieve pressure on housing, cut labour costs, cut bedding costs and cut feeding costs.  Brassica feed value is 15%-18% protein and 70% energy the equivalent to top quality silage.   There are savings in using forage crops compared to silage or barley - Forage Crops - 4p-5p/kg dry matter (DM) Top quality silage - 12p/kg DM Barley - 15p/kg DM Forage crops are also a good option for a break in grass rotations.  But remember to check...

Dock management strategies

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The United Kingdom is great place for moss to thrive; it can be found virtually anywhere; stone, trees and is a considerable problem in many established lawns. Moss is from one of the least complicated groups of the plant kingdom – Bryophyta of which there are over 500 species that occur naturally in the UK. If you have moss in your lawn it is likely you are not caring for your lawn. It usually assumed that if your lawn has a moss problem is a because your lawn is waterlogged, capped and acidic. However moss can survive well in all...

Landrace varieties - Scots Timothy

  Scot’s Timothy Close to Losing a Landrace Variety A & R Muirhead. Tel:01259 760400     Scot’s Timothy Timothy Hay is the most historic hay varieties around but yet the production of the Scot’s Timothy variety is rapidly decreasing close to the point of extinction.  Scot’s Timothy is a land race variety that needs promotion to prevent the loss of this sub-species all together.  It is also important to increase its production in order to encourage the biodiversity of the crops used by the agricultural community.  It has many characteristics which should be making it the 1st choice...